Climb Ethic

Intention of this Website


I have created the CLIMB ethic website to promote ethical values in climbing.

My intention is to share my work about ethical values in climbing. This includes my contribution to the Ethics initiative at the International Federation of Sport-Climbing, in particular through the Ethics Commission whose development I preside.

My intention for visitors is that they can find ethical inspiration to express their values as climbers, as individuals and as organizations. While the Charter of Climbing Ethics promotes ethics as a set of shared values, the intention is first and foremost that each and every person express his or her own ethics and values. For that too is the spirit of ethics: an intimate, singular intention and expression.

As of the date of launch, the website includes:

1. The Charter of Climbing Ethics

2. The IFSC work on ethics

3. Projects and Initiatives by CLIMB ethic

4. The CLIMB ethic book

News will introduce further developments.

My work at the IFSC is pro-bono and does not include financial compensation for myself.

I am financing the launch of the website and will report any significant evolution.

I have also financed the CLIMB ethic book and will use all its monetary proceedings for further projects of CLIMB ethic.

I hope you will like it.

Marc Le Menestrel