Climb Ethic

Contributors to the Charter


The initiative to write the Charter of Climbing Ethics came from the International Federation of Sport Climbing and in particular from Jérôme Meyer and Marco Scolaris.

At the start of the Charter, Henri-Claude de Bettignies, Guido Palazzo, Cécile Martha, and Stéphane Silvestri were consulted to get scientific advice from the academic realm.

Among the climbers who responded to the questionnaire and generated the first bulk of written material upon which the Charter is built, we find: Cécile Martha, Stéphane Silvestri, Philippe Dufraisse, Nina Caprez, Alizée Dufraisse, David Chambre, Laurence Guyon, Luke Conibear, Lynn Hill, Eline Le Menestrel, Patxi Arocena, Laurent Belluard, Gilles Bernigolle, Fred Labreveux, Bertrand Lemaire, Katie Beardsley, Sandro Parisoto, Hélène Le Menestrel, Paul Nelson, Dougald Mac Donald, Jérôme Meyer, Stéphane Hansens, Jean Suire, Tan Leng Goh, Chee Hoi Leong, Andrew Cave, Brooke Sandahl, Paul Petzl, Françoise Lepron, Agnès Denis, Barbara Zangerl, Ben Moon, Grégoire Clouzeau, Kai Mu, Charlotte Durif, Antoine Le Menestrel, Séverine Le Menestrel, Jonathan Siegriest, Désiré Gird, Matthias Keller, Marco Scolaris, Udo Newman, Sean McColl, Victoria Robinson, Didier Delignières, Bart van Raaij, Dave Graham, Mélissa Le Nevé, Nalle Hukkataival, Frank Scherrer, and Maud Ansade.

Interviews, discussions, correspondences, and contacts, were conducted with a second group of climbers to provide further insights, comments, and inspiration. Among whom we find Toshi Kusano, Mike Beck, Txema Gomez, Eleanor Moore, François Lombard, Chris Sharma, Takako Hoshi, James Frost, Laurent Jacob, Fabrice Frebourg, Manon Lagreze, Vincent Albrand, Michel Béal, Annaïck Le Menestrel, François Dreyfus, Jean-Baptiste Tribout, John O’Neill, Patrick Andrey, Tony Lamiche, Laurent Laporte, Cathy Jolibert, Bruno Ritz, Mike Beck, Alain and Carolina Suidi, Roger Natrass, Pierre You, Nicolas Durand, Olivier Aubel, Jarno Zwiebel, and Kobinata Toru.

Eleanor Moore spent time working on the English language of the first version of the Charter. Translations were conducted by Kaddy Lehmann and Lisa Zafoschnig (German), Annaïck Le Menestrel (Spanish), Laia Olivares Solina (Catalan), Eva Toschi (Italian), Naiyuan Zhou (Chinese), Anna Piunova (Russian), Charl de Villiers (Afrikaans), Naoko Hirano (Japanese), and Mohammad Havaledar (Farsi). All these versions are available on the CLIMB ethic website.

Please contact us if you want to help us translate the Charter and/or this website further.