Climb Ethic

Activity of the IFSC Ethics Commission 2020


This is the brief content of the 2020 report of the activities of the IFSC Ethics Commission to the General Assembly in November 2020.

  • Executive Board engagement following the 2019 questionnaire with one-to-one discussions;
  • Judges and Routesetters engagement following the 2019 Officials’ Seminar with one-to-one discussions;
  • Presentation at the First IFSC Climbing Summit, Torino 14 December 2019, on Ethics, Governance, Conflict of Loyalty and Conflict of Interest;
  • Collaboration with the Paraclimbing Committee on the classification processes for Paraclimbing;
  • Provided support on Athletes’ Protection and non-accidental violence in Sport;
  • Conducted interviews with IFSC leaders.

With special thanks to:

Hughes Lhopital – FRA, University of Lyon
Charlie Lieu – USA, SafeOutside
David Chambre – FRA, Independent